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Dwight Howard

Who knew mining Twitter could produce such fun content? That’s three Twitter-based posts in one week; meaning it’s safe to say I’m a Twitter stalker.

Anyway, Orlando’s man-child is understandably pleased with last night’s Boston/Orlando outcome, and he’s taken to the preferred method of communicating to share his relief: Blogs and Twitter. On his personal blog, Howard discusses why last night was so much more productive for him than Game 5. He credits his ability to crash the boards and run the floor. No calling for the ball here, nor are there any questions about his coach and the decisions being made. On his Twitter, however, Howard is be dealing with some fans who don’t like the Magic’s chances in Game 7.

Howard’s response? He doesn’t have time for your negativity or your weak attempts at trash talking. Simply put, Howard is on a mission and if you doubt his and his team’s chances, save it for someone who has the time.

I’m wondering if fan interactions like these will alter the way athletes receive such notifications, especially if it’s from someone they don’t follow. Of course, Twitter already tried to alter the way @responses are delivered and we see how well that went over. Of course, if one of Twitter’s celebrities complained loudly enough about unwanted tweets, I just bet more changes would be afoot.

On the other hand, Howard could simply block the posters he has no time for. Although, judging by his response, it appears as if D-12 takes these things pretty personally (“wut if i said yo life is ending. how would u feel”).