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While he might be an oversized man-child, there’s no denying the raw talent level of Dwight Howard. Just ask Luol Deng. Deng tried to complete a driving layup against the Magic defense, and he was rewarded quite rudely by Howard, who pimp-slapped Deng’s offering into the next zip code. The block was so impressive, it had to be preserved in animated gif format, an unexpected renaissance that proves without a doubt what’s old is most definitely new again — in relation to web design, anyway.

Dwight Howard Block

That’s pretty damn hypnotic, even if you’re a Bulls fan.

In other news, the height and extension Dwight got on that block was eye-popping. Not too long ago, the idea of a 7-footer moving without the ball like that, followed by the incredible display of athletic ability, was unheard of. Now, it’s commonplace.

Whatever the case, it certainly makes for awesome animated gifs, and that’s what truly counts, isn’t it?

H/t to Dime Mag for the video.