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Rudy Fernandez

Today is the last day you can vote for which NBA player you’d like to see in the upcoming Dunk Contest, which takes place during the NBA’s All Star Weekend celebration. By now, you probably know the players you can vote on–Milwaukee’s Joe Alexander, Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City and Rudy Fernandez of the Trail Blazers. All three of these players have been featured here at IF in one form or another, if that helps your decision any.

As you might remember, each player had a campaign video explaining why they should be the one who gets voted onto the dunk island. First, we have Rudy Fernandez. I think he’s getting my vote:

Then we have Russell Westbrook, who apparently only dunks against the Detroit Pistons:

And then there’s Joe “I Can Hit My Head on the Rim” Alexander:

This particular dunk contest is being sold as “can anyone beat Dwight,” and when you consider Howard’s reportiore last year, that’s going to be a tough hill to climb. The winner of this vote-off joins Rudy Gay and Nate Robinson as potential heirs to D-Howitzer’s throne.