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Doug Collins, Michael Jordan

Reports are coming out that the Chicago Bulls are filling their coaching void with a familiar face — Doug Collins. Naturally, thoughts return to his first stint with the Bulls when he had a young player named Michael something-or-another who went on to accomplish a milestone or two in the NBA. Obviously, this is no longer the case with the current version of Chicago’s team.

Perhaps Collins can reanimate the statue that sits out in front of the United Center…

The reaction to the Collins news seems to be one of confusion and a little bit of dismay, something Blog a Bull does a good job of demonstrating.

Well…fire away in the comments. I’m pretty numb in terms of an initial reaction. ‘Shock’, more than anything.

Who says you can never go home?

Here’s a nifty little retrospective of Collins’ finest moment in Chicago — the game where Jordan hit the shot over Craig Ehlo to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Bonus: a young Phil Jackson as an assistant coach sighting.