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Dick Vitale

The Mouth that Roared is coming to the NBA tonight when Dick Vitale (and Dan Shulman) will bring their exuberance for college basketball to the professional ranks tonight when the duo calls the Miami/Denver game while their NBA counterparts — Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Mike Tirico — will be calling the Duke/Davidson game. To celebrate such a monumental event (hyperbole, anyone?), ESPN made a little video of NBA players and coaches doing Vitale impressions, as seen below:

Of course, this isn’t Vitale’s first stint for the NBA as an announcer or a member of the Association. Before he began his career as the most recognizable sports announcer on the planet, Vitale coached the Detroit Pistons (1978-79). After working himself up to near nervous breakdown levels, Vitale left the coaching sidelines for the career he is most well known for, which included announcing NBA games.

More than likely, Vitale’s appearance tonight will consist of a three-hour lovefest for the Dwyane Wades and Chauncey Billupses on the floor. Besides that, expect Shulman and Vitale to discuss the NBA’s draft rules for college basketball players while using Michael Beasley to support their positions.

As for the Duke/Davidson game, I would expect the majority of that trio’s talk to be on whether or not Stephen Curry’s game translates to the NBA, on top of all the love they will undoubtedly heap on Coach K.