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Fisher Lied

It’s safe to say that some Utah Jazz fans aren’t the biggest fans of Los Angeles Lakers clutch machine, Derek Fisher. Whether their initial reason for the fan-hate is legitimate or not, their dislike for the Lakers guard, especially now that the sweep is complete, now has reason. While folks like Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant are being praised for the Jazz series, especially the close-out game, the 12 points provided by Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown in the fourth quarter made all the difference in the game.

Fisher’s damage came from a early-fourth quarter 3-point bomb, that was quickly followed by a three free throws, courtesy of Deron Williams fouling Fisher during a 3-point attempt. Add to that Brown’s two fourth quarter 3-pointers, and you see how the 111-96 advantage got that point.

Yes, Bryant and Gasol finished the job, but without those four three-point plays, even more would’ve been required from the Lakers’ dynamic duo. Important 3-pointers and misguided fans aside, that wasn’t the extent of Fisher’s interesting night.

While Fisher played a very important role in the series-ending win, he also was the victim of a shot block, courtesy of CJ Miles, that would’ve resonated like mad had the Jazz had won. As it stands, the guys at NBA.com still made it their play of the day.

I’m sure Fisher is laughing himself all the way to the Western Conference Finals, and there’s nothing Miles, misguided fans or the Jazz in general can do to stop it.