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Kelenna Azubuike Block

As I was saying in my other post about the Golden State Warriors, they are an exciting team to watch. They may not defend worth a damn, but they certainly make opposing teams do so. It’s the Don Nelson way. It’s pretty much attack basketball from the opening tip. One of the side effects of Nellie’s system is it can make other teams play a frenetic style just to keep up with the Warriors.

With that in mind, you can expect fast breaks and quick shots by the dozens. Last night’s game against the Nuggets is a prime example. Both teams were running up and down the court, exposing the other team’s defensive weaknesses — except when Dahntay Jones tried to dunk on Kelenna Azubuike. Even though the lead image looks like Jones might have completed the dunk, I’m here to tell you he did not:

Now that, my friends, is what you call denial, and considering the fact I’m a Kentucky fan and Azubuike played for Kentucky and Jones played for Duke, I’m even happier Kelenna rejected the dunk attempt. For my money, there’s nothing better than watching a Wildcat block a Blue Devil’s shot.

The fact it’s a dunk being blocked only makes it better.