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Dahntay Jones

When you consider all the free throw shooting that’s been going on during the last two games of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, figuring out how the officials missed such an obvious play is puzzling; especially when you consider who it was Jones tripped. Never fear, Lakers fans, because what the on-court referees might miss, the NBA front office does not. For his tripping efforts, Jones has been hit with a flagrant-one foul, giving him three flagrant points during the postseason.

Players are automatically suspended if they accumulate four or more points.

This means not only does Jones need to watch his step, he needs to watch where he’s sticking his feet the next time Bryant beats him on a backdoor play. I say “next time” because not only can he not guard his man, it doesn’t look like his antics are having much of an impact on Kobe’s game — save for perhaps pissing him off.

“I just fell on my face for no reason,” [Bryant] said. “I’m a klutz.”

As for Jones, he says the trip wasn’t intentional, and that he’s just playing hard; nor does he care how you define his play, so take that Mister Label Man Blogger. Nevertheless, if he doesn’t want to miss a game as punishment, Jones should probably determine what the league considers flagrant and what it doesn’t — unless, of course, he doesn’t mind missing a Conference Finals playoff game.