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LeBron Returns'

What good does it do if a crowd is amped to a frothy frenzy and the team their supporting plays softer than tissue in what was their biggest game of the year? Not a damn bit of good, which is also an accurate way to describe the play from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who watched helplessly as LeBron James proceeded their destroy the hearts, minds and will with a devastating performance, especially in the third quarter. And no, the witty signs didn’t help one damn bit.

The Miami Herald referred to the moment as “Homecoming King,” but the way LeBron first toyed his former teammates, and then destroyed them on the court with a cold-as-ice, methodical performance, including a third quarter that broke a number of Miami Heat and Cavaliers single-game records, “The Assassination Agenda” is more appropriate.

But what was even more surprising — I figured Wade would carry LeBron, but no, it was James who destroyed them, making it all-the-more painful for Cavaliers fans — was just how soft the Cavaliers played (and acted) in response to LeBron’s destruction.

All the halftime brush offs in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans if you aren’t willing to back that up on the court, Mo.

Joking around with him while he’s killing you is just weak and soft.

LeBron Returns'

If that would’ve happened in the 90s era or earlier, LeBron would’ve had his head knocked off by the team’s enforcer, and then they would’ve turned their attention to Daniel Gibson, who was being awfully friendly with James. Cleveland fans didn’t understand it, and neither does Chris Webber.

Soft and weak. Two perfect descriptors for the Cavaliers’ performance and their behavior.