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That’s right Oaktown, the prodigal son is returning. Chris Webber, the 1993 overall first pick of the Orlando Magic—then traded to Golden State for Penny Hardaway—is preparing to return to Oakland, although, he’s a little bit worse for wear… and older. He’ll be joining a team that shocked the NBA population last year with playoff victory over the Dallas Mavericks, the league’s best team at that time.

Of course, Webber will also be rejoining the coach who motivated him to leave Golden State in the first place, Don Nelson. Apparently, some water has passed under the bridge these two created. Webber, who because of injuries, is nowhere near the athlete he was when he was first with the Warriors, will be asked to be a facilitator in Nelson’s offense, primarily playing the high-post.

To celebrate the return of Chris Webber, let’s look back at one of his Nike commercials. The one where he and Sprewell are in the barbershop talking about Webber’s dunk over Charles Barkley. Enjoy and welcome back Chris. Let’s hope you and Nellie can get along this time.