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Three Amigos

While the rest of the media free world continues with the Lebron/Kobe discussion, Mighty Mouse Chris Paul has carried his team to the top of the Western Conference standings (for today, anyway) and injected himself directly into the NBA’s MVP discussion, something the great guys at Sports Frog agree with as well.

To further our collective position, remember, he went into Lebron’s house last night (you know, the people’s choice for MVP) and came out with a win… AFTER King James gave Cleveland what they thought was the go-ahead score. Too bad he left some time on the clock for Chris Paul to go to work; something he did quite nicely.

After drawing the entire Cleveland defense to his area (so many Cavaliers reacted to Paul’s dribble penetration, I think a couple of bench players and Mike Brown were on the court trying to stop him), he dropped off a nifty little game-winning assist to David West, his 20th of the night (with only ONE turnover). Yeah, like Sports Frog says, we’ll take a 20:1 assist-to-turnover ration any day, night, month or year.

In his last five games, Paul is averaging 24.6 points and 12.8 assists. I’ll go ahead and pause for effect.

… … …

Yes, he’s averaging 25 and 13; absolutely gaudy numbers by the NBA’s standards and oh look: he’s the best player on one of the best teams in the Western Conference. He’s also more productive than Kobe and on par with Lebron, believe it or not.

For the season, Kobe’ averaging 28 and 5 while LeBron is averaging 30 and 7 (plus 8 rebounds), whereas Paul is putting up 22 and 11 (plus almost 3 steals a game). This mean while Kobe accounts for 38 of his teams points (assists + points); Paul and James are responsible for 44 of their team points.

The clincher comes down to records. Cleveland, playing in the much weaker East, is 40-32. However, the Hornets are 49-21; giving them the best record in the much tougher West. Let’s put it another way: If Cleveland played in the West, they wouldn’t even be a playoff team right now.

On the other hand, Paul’s team is, as of TODAY, the top seed.

So while the Mike Golics of the world continue to wax incorrectly about the NBA and what’s valuable in player; essentially just parroting what others around Bristol are saying, folks like myself and the Sports Frog guys will continue to support the real choice for a new generation — Pepsi!!!!

Oh wait, I meant Chris Paul.