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I thought featuring a highlight video of some of CP3′s greatest hits would help hammer the message home about keeping your stars happy. Just watching him perform feat after feat of on-court wizardry shows how valuable to a potentially floundering franchise he really is. With that in mind, when the New Orleans’ front office decides to do a little bit of basketball housecleaning, perhaps asking the thoughts of their franchise player is a prudent move, especially when you are trying to convince potential fans to come watch your games.

Paul is unhappy with the way the Byron Scott firing went down, and as a franchise player, he thinks he should be at least consulted before the powers that be make drastic decisions that directly affect the on-court product, and he let his feelings be known:

“I felt like, maybe somebody would have at least consulted with me and asked how I felt before it happened,” Paul told the New Orleans Times-Picayune after Scott’s firing was formally announced. “It’s not to get my approval, but we feel we should know about the decision before it takes place.”

Does this mean Paul wanted the Hornets to keep Scott around? Not necessarily. What Paul is saying — rightfully so, I might add — is that when you are going to shuffle the team’s deck in such a drastic manner, perhaps their best, most marketable player should be consulted, or at least informed before the team makes the news public.

Considering job one for general manager, and now interim head coach, Jeff Bower is convincing Paul to stay in New Orleans when his contract is up, he might want to think about keeping his star happy, or at least make him feel like he’s a part of the franchise outside of his stellar ability and on-the-court play.