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Phoenix Suns Calendar
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A lot of people think Christmas is a time for gift giving and spending time with friends and family. Incorrect. The Christmas season exists for only one thing: new calendars. See that calendar kiosk in the mall? It won’t be there after December 25th. I’m beginning to believe calendars are overtaking Chia Pets as the official symbol of this time of year.

Nevertheless, the calendar season gives attractive women an excuse to doll themselves up so we sports fans like us can sit and drool over our favorite team’s cheer squad — and that, my friends, is what’s so right about this time of year. Take, for instance, the Phoenix Suns Dancers and their newly released 2009 calendar. It’s these types of editions that keep the calendar industry in business.

It’s easy to see why:

Phoenix Suns Calendar Phoenix Suns Calendar
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The Phoenix Suns official site has a full gallery if you are so inclined. The calendars go on sale today at Verve Energy Drink official site.