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Denver Nuggets main man Carmelo Anthony got himself into a little trouble by mixing alcohol and motor vehicles and our find friends at The Smoking Gun were kind enough to find `Melo’s mug shot and all the defiance it offers:

Carmelo Anthony Mug Shot
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He, um, doesn’t look like he’s getting a whole lot of satisfaction from his ordeal.

Kudos to Carmelo for making such a bone-headed decision while his team is fighting for their playoff lives in the brutal Western Conference. Perhaps you could’ve waited until you got eliminated? The Worldwide is making a point to indicate the incident came on the heels of Anthony’a bad individual outing against the Houston Rockets where he only scored 11 points points on 3-14 shooting.

But his team won 111-94. Which stat is more important? So far, there’s been no word concerning Camelo’s punishment.