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Knicks Store
While the world has finally been spared from the incessant “Where’s Carmelo going” talk, one has to wonder where are all the Knicks jerseys featuring Anthony’s name and number? Currently, and granted, this will change drastically by tomorrow (or tonight, even), there’s absolutely nothing about the Carmelo Anthony trade anywhere on the official site for the Knicks, nor at their online store, either. The reason this is met with some surprise when you compare the NBA’s reaction time to the NFL’s — that is, an hour in relation to Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets — the lack of Anthony jerseys is somewhat surprising.

Maybe the Knicks organization doesn’t want to believe the news is true.

One thing there isn’t a lack of, however, is an avalanche of analysis concerning the Carmelo-to-the-Knicks trade, something the Google News timeline demonstrates quite nicely:

Carmelo Anthony News

One area that reacted quickly, and somewhat predictably, was the prices of New York Knicks tickets. According to USAToday.com, tickets have seen a 600 percent increase, which should honestly come as no surprise. Once an interest level increases, especially in a market as large as New York City, the focus of that increased interest becomes more valuable.

That being said, there are still inexpensive Knicks tickets available.