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He delivers — thanks to an awesome pass from Chuck Hayes, who, since Michael Jordan has moved on, has become my favorite basketball player in the world. As for Landry, he just had a superlative game, scoring 15 points (look, the final margin of victory) on 6-6 shooting as well as nine rebounds and two filthy dunks, one of which is above. With the help of Landry, Hayes and a sterling game from Luis Scola, the Rockets absolutely dominated the Lakers in the paint, which brings me to an aside:

Has anyone filed a missing persons report on Andrew Bynum? I can’t seem to find him anywhere, even when Mike Breen says he’s in the game.

As for the Rockets paint domination, Hayes is entirely too physical for the finesse play of Gasol, and while Pau had an easier time scoring over Landry, he and the rest of the Lakers certainly couldn’t contain his athleticism on defense, hence Landry’s vicious baseline jam.

What this does is set the table for a compelling Game 7, one that’s already got Kobe talking about “just winning the damn game.” Is that the sound of frustration seeping out?