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Marcus Camby

In a salary-cap space clearing move, the Denver Nuggets sent forward Marcus Camby to the Los Angeles Clippers for — well, not too much, actually. In order to acquire the rights to the shot-blocking, rebounding Camby, the Clips and the Nuggets agreed to swap future second-round picks.

If you can get a player that averaged 13 rebounds and almost four blocks a game for not much of anything, I’d say you got the better end of the deal. The move also signifies the end of the current Denver Nuggets experiment that saw a team rely solely on the shot-blocking skills of the now-departed Camby when playing defense. Although, the trade does make Denver even weaker on the defensive end.

Does this mean we’ll see a return of the Paul Westhead-style of offense for the Nuggets? You know, the one that saw them score 120 a game while giving up 130? That sounds like recipe for championship material, let me tell you. As for the Clippers, the move gives them a decent-to-good starting five, but is it enough to compete in the West?

Most seem to think the answer is no.