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Brian Scalabrine

The number 44 is en vogue this week, thanks the new residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC. However, Boston Celtics fans might have another reason for liking these two digits being right next to each other: a five-game winning streak ever since Brian Scalabrine, number 44 for the Celtics, has entered the starting line-up. That’s right. Everybody’s favorite redheaded NBA player is responsible for righting a championship ship that was listing a little after losing seven-of-nine.

Doc went with Brian Scalabrine and the Red Head has helped the Celtics rip off five straight wins including a thrashing of the Phoenix Suns last night in Boston. Scal and Garnett matched up with Shaq and Amare in the early stages before Leon and Big Baby got their chances and they never let the Phoenix front line get going. Scal made sure he leaned on Amare each trip down the floor defensively and busted his butt up the court after each Celtics stop to put pressure on the slower retreating Suns. In basketball it is sometimes just as much about the role players as it is the stars and this is a perfect example.

Since he’s become part of Boston’s starting five–because of a Kendrick Perkins injury–Scalabrine is averaging eight points, almost three rebounds and one blocked shot a game, while playing about 28 minutes a night. The question is, what happens when Perkins comes back? Does Boston’s lovable ginger get lost on the bench again? Before Perkins went down, Scalabrine was averaging right around 10 minutes of floor time a game.

Surely he’s shown enough to be apart of Doc Rivers’ rotation. I mean, Doc wouldn’t want to disappoint all the ladies who are in love with Boston’s own number 44, would he?