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Brandon Roy

Now that is how you finish an NBA game: two clutch shots by Brandon Roy sandwiching a huge turnaround jump shot from Yao Ming. In fact, Roy was involved in all three of these plays as he hit the first clutch shot but left enough time on the clock for Houston to get a play off — the Yao Ming turnaround. Roy contributed here by following Yao in the act of shooting, which allowed the Rockets to take a one-point lead.

After that, it was Roy time. Again.

That, my friends, is called clutch; although, I agree with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith on questioning the way the play was defended. Granted, 30-foot jump shots to win the game aren’t the easiest thing to complete, but it’s a little easier when your opponents are allowing you to catch the ball and then not closing out until you’ve elevated on the shot.

The game also featured nice individual efforts from Tracy McGrady for the Rockets and LaMarcus Aldridge for the Blazers, but it’s Brandon Roy that’s getting all the attention — and after seeing him hit that huge shot to win the game, it’s understandable.