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Last night, the overall number one pick in last month’s NBA Draft, Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin, made his Clippers debut in the NBA’s Summer League. And judging from David Thorpe’s observations, if there’s a one-word description for Griffin’s first appearance, that word is “impressive.” Here’s another example of Thorpe’s opinion of Griffin, who had 27 points and 12 rebounds during his maiden voyage:

Blake Griffin Tweet

Kevin Durant was impressed as well.

Of course, it’s easy to get carried away with summer league excellence, something Bethlehem Shoals reminds us to watch out for; but the point remains, Griffin’s game looks a lot more polished than people might have suspected — he even hit a three-pointer last night — but then again, he isn’t going against the Dwight Howards or Kevin Garnetts of the world either. At least, not yet. Nor are the summer league games indicative of the night-in, night-out grind Griffin and the other NBA newbies are going to be facing in about three months.

For now, however, lets just enjoy Griffin’s limitless potential, and hey, it’s even OK to envision a future where the Clippers, led by youngsters Gordon and Griffin, aren’t bad at all. Isn’t that what offseasons are for?