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While your fearless leader continues his transition to being a Kentucky resident once again, here’s a reminder of why this blog is such a fan of Blake ****ing Griffin. The word “beast” is overused in sports, much like most adjectives in the sports world, but it if there’s ever been a walking definition of what that word means in relation to athletes and their accomplishments, Blake Griffin does just that.

Or is jumping so high during an alley-opp that you have to duck your head — not to mention, being armpit-high to the rim — commonplace now? I don’t see how.

Griffin is like an even more athletic version of Shawn Kemp, only Griffin never got kicked out of college for stealing jewelry. Nor has he fathered untold number of bastard children. At least to my knowledge. The only downside to Griffin’s sterling beginning to his NBA career is the fact he plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, which means he plays for Donald Sterling.

Sterling’s transgressions are far too long to list here, but if there’s a worse owner in the sports world, especially the NBA, please let me know who it is.

As for Griffin, while it does appear as if he has a grip on the Rookie of the Year award, thanks in large part to John Wall’s nagging injuries, can Griffin lose it if Wall’s Washington Wizards finish with a better record, and Wall comes back strong for the remainder of the season?

Food for thought.