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A hypothetical phone call to Blake Griffin following last night’s lottery:

Blake Griffin, you were the best player in college basketball last year, an exciting player with pogo sticks for legs and a body made out of Kevlar. Your reward for being all things to a rebuilding team? Getting to play the first leg of your professional basketball career in the land of Hollywood! Still excited? How could you not be, considering what Southern California has to offer in the way of attractions. One last thing: You’ll (probably) be playing for the Los Angeles Clippers!!!!

Um, Blake? Hello? Are you still there?

I think he hung up…

Devil’s advocate for a second here: If — and the if is a big as the Dubai Tower — the Clip Joint does the right thing and builds around Eric Gordon, Al Thorton and Blake Griffin specifically, they might just make something of themselves in two or three seasons. Hell, if Baron Davis wants to stay in shape and come along for the ride, he is certainly welcome as well; Deandre Jordan, too.

However, everybody else on the roster is and should be expendable. Now, this is the Los Angeles Clippers we are talking about, so who knows how this will end up?