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It really couldn’t happen any other way, could it? Not when you are dealing with the Los Angeles Clippers. With the NBA taking the court for real tonight to begin another season, the news about Blake Griffin’s knee is like a punch in the gut. It also indicates the black cloud that perpetuates itself over the Clippers franchise has not dissipated at all. Sure, things looked good when they got the number one pick, a pick everyone knew would be used on Griffin, but just like Shaun Livingston or Danny Manning before him, there’s just no way the news could stay good for long.

Granted, Griffin’s injury isn’t as severe as the two I just mentioned, but the fact remains, if something can go wrong with the Clippers, it usually does. Perhaps they could use a good exorcism. According to reports, Griffin sustained a stress fracture of his left kneecap and will be sidelined for a few weeks.

Now, as far as knee injuries go, it could obviously be a whole lot worse, but the fact is, it doesn’t bode well for Griffin’s tenure with the Clippers — especially when it begins with such an omen. What does this mean for a Clippers franchise that’s been trying to turn the corner since, well, since I can remember watching basketball? TrueHoop has some thoughts:

To the Clipper faithful, Griffin personifies the deeper idea that change can occur instantly.

After 25 years of deprivation, capped by a uniquely miserable 19-63 season in 2008-09, that’s something people who love the Clippers desperately need to believe, which is why news that Griffin will miss up to six weeks with a broken kneecap is so devastating.

Adding insult to injury, the Clippers open their season tonight against the Lakers, in what would’ve been the perfect atmosphere to officially introduce Griffin to the professional basketball world. Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to wait until Christmas for that to happen.