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Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin’s mission in life is to dunk on every living being on the planet. Well, maybe not, but he certainly plays like it. Granted, he’s only been in the league for five official games, but he’s already got a list of “I just crushed your face” victims. The latest being Nenad Krstic of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I guess you could say Krstic got thunder-struck. Yeah, I went there.

Bad puns aside, Griffin had two highlight-worthy dunks against the Thunder, and as a bonus, they came in the Clippers’ first win of the season:

And (courtesy of an effective Eric Bledsoe):

In other news, while Griffin continues his assault on the Rookie of the Year campaign, the reason the Thunder lost was due to Kevin Durant’s shooting. Anytime your superstar shoots 6-24 from the field (0-10 from behind the arc), your team is going to struggle, even to the Clippers.

One more tidbit about Griffin: He’s leading the league in dunks with 11, a category that’s been dominated by Dwight Howard the past few seasons. Currently, Howard has three, but then again, the Magic have only played three games so far. This should be an interesting “race” as the season progresses. My money’s on Griffin.