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The NBA season is only eight days away (!?!?!?!), and one of the most-watched storylines will be how number one pick and new Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin transitions from college to the pros. Well, if the lead video is any indication, Griffin, he of the otherworldly athletic talent, is going to baptize just about anyone who gets in his way when he goes to the basket.

Just ask D.J. Mbenga.

While it’s still preseason, Griffin’s vicious dunk over Mbenga simply gives us an idea of what’s to come. Is there — *gasp* — reason for hope in Clipper land? Can we expect something other than futility out of a Donald Sterling-run franchise? It’s too soon to tell, especially with history as a gauge, but, when your building blocks include Griffin, Eric Gordon, Al Thorton and perhaps a reinvigorated Baron Davis, hope for Clippers fans isn’t necessarily unwarranted.