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Nate Robinson

So, which dunk was better? Nate’s “Jumping over Superman” or Dwight’s when he caught it off the side of the backboard? While Nate deservedly won — thanks to Howard’s lack of a strong closing dunk; he should’ve saved 12-foot dunk until last — I’ve been having a hard time separating the two. Some say Robinson, and because that dunk essentially won him the contest, it’s hard to argue against. However, if the contest were based solely on the following two dunks, who would be your champion?

Nate jumping over the champ?

Or Howard’s “I’m still not sure how he did that” catch and flush?

Both dunks have their own merits. Of course, with Nate Robinson only being listed at 5-8 or so, the fact he jumped over a 7-foot tall Howard resonates loudly. Nate’s dunk was also just as much a display of freakish ability as Howard’s 12-foot rim dunk was. However, there are maybe two or three people in the world that can do the side-of-the-backboard dunk Howard pulled out.

Nate Robinson not being one of them.

Pay attention to the extension Howard gets when he catches the ricochet, and then watch the powerful finish. Oh, and, Howard completes the dunk on the first try, too. If Howard follows this up with the 12-foot rim dunk, he’s the repeat champion. Unfortunately for him, a run-of-the-mill free throw line dunk doesn’t stack up to a 5-8 guy jumping over a 7-footer.