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Tom Brady
WTF are YOU looking at?

The last time we saw Tom Brady at a sporting event, he was losing his bid for perfection to the New York Giants. Obviously, this bad karma is following him around as he and Giselle were in attendance at last night’s Boston/Detroit game — a game the Celtics lost. Oh yeah, in case you forgot — the Celtics had been perfect at home during the Playoffs until last night.

Is Tom Brady’s attendance to blame?

Did his lack of perfection nullify whatever good luck the Boston Leprechaun provided?

Whatever the case, Brady and his nubile sidekick didn’t seem too happy about the outcome. Tom, you only have yourself to blame. Don’t bring that bad luck to the (new) Gahden and expect it not to have some sort of effect. Don’t you get it? You are bad for perfection bids.

Brady and Giselle
Shouldn’t they be used to this by now?

(Photos: Getty Images)