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After putting up a whopping 42 points in yesterday’s NBA Summer League action, Golden State’s Anthony Randolph is serving notice that he might just burst onto the NBA scene in a major way next season. The highlight of Randolph’s barrage was an in-game version of Dwight Howard’s Superman layup. The difference? Randolph went baseline and actually dunked/laid it up over some traffic and was fouled during the attempt, turning it into a layup of the Dwight Howard variety.

Randolph’s output tied a previous NBA Summer League scoring high, set by Marcus Banks — again, validating Shoals’ warning about getting to hyped about summer play — but the Warriors forward sees lots of room for improvement, especially in the rebounding department:

“I think I did OK,” he said. “I rebounded poorly — I only had three rebounds. That’s not good for a 6-11 guy, to only have three rebounds in 30 or however many minutes I played. … Of course, you have to score the ball, but I’m not just satisfied with that. I want to be able to do more than one thing. I’m versatile.”

Obviously, Randolph was too busy scoring to be worried about something minor like rebounding.