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Andrew Bogut

While he might not be playing due to a gruesome elbow injury, that doesn’t mean Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut isn’t enjoying the NBA Playoffs, especially when his team is playing at home. In case you missed it, during the Bucks’ win in Game 3, Bucks fans serenaded Bogut with the Australian National Team chant towards the end of their Game 3 blowout of the Atlanta Hawks, who, apparently, don’t like winning basketball games when they aren’t playing at home.

To say Bogut enjoyed hearing the chant from Bucks fans would be an understatement; something the following animated gif demonstrates nicely.

Andrew Bogut

Yeah, that, my friends, is what we call “The Good Stuff.” Hopefully, for the sake of all of us who love watching Bogut dance, the Bucks can keep this series competitive, giving their Aussie center additional opportunities to cut another swatch of rug — as much as an injured NBA center can.

H/t to The Big Lead (via Jose3030′s Twitter)