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So far, the two teams everybody thought was capable of challenging LeBron and company are trailing in their respective series. Boston trails to Derrick Rose and the Bulls, while Orlando finds themselves in a 0-1 deficit, thanks to the game-winning antics of Andre Iguodala. After spending much of the second half (hell, the game) trailing Orlando, Philadelphia chipped away at the Magic’s lead, as Dwight and crew failed to put the inconsistent Sixers away.

For their troubles (or their lacking killer instinct), the Magic now found themselves trailing a team some expected Orlando to sweep. So who’s gets the accolades here? Iguodala for finishing the comeback or do the Magic get the blame for allowing the Sixers to erase a 14-point fourth quarter lead? Did the Magic retreat into a “we can coast in fourth” mindset or did Philly simply take Game One away from Dwight Howard’s crew?

Probably a little bit of both, but the credit goes to Iggie and the blame goes to Orlando for playing like a first-time playoff team. The lesson for the Magic here is, put teams away, especially when they have a player like Iguodala who can provide game-stealing fireworks.

Game 2 is on Wednesday night on NBA TV.