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Over at YouTube, one of the uploads of Andre Iguodala’s nasty baseline jam against the New Jersey Nets called it a “f**k dunk” and you know, I think they’re on to something. If ever there was a f**k dunk, this one is it, because “posterize” doesn’t quite seem to capture all its beauty. When you dunk on three people — in this case, Brook Lopez, Josh Boone and Terrence Williams — in such acrobatically-destructive ways, you’ve passed posterization and moved on to the rarefied air of f**k dunks. For the record, Iggy’s dunk helped give the Nets their eighth straight loss, moving them to a lottery-bound 0-8 on the fledgling 2009/10 season.

Now, you might scoff at the fact a dunk in the first quarter impacted a win in any significant manner, but when you consider the fact the Sixers won by three points, that dunk, while being extremely filthy, was also an important basket for Philadelphia.

Remember, all these points have a tendency to add up.