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The NBA All Star voting period is in full bloom right now and Phoenix Sun Amar’e Stoudemire hired some help to make sure you know who to vote for when it comes time to cast your ballot. Channeling the Chris Bosh method of using viral marketing, Stoudemire has teamed up with David Spade, who “coaches” Amar’e on the finer points of getting All-Star votes. In their first video, Spade is trying to teach Stoudemire about flopping. Things are going well until Spade gets poked in the chest and his entire body collapses from the strength of Amar’e's hands.

For what it’s worth, while these kinds of videos are all in good fun, I don’t think Stoudemire needs the help. He’s currently the leading vote-getter for Western Conference centers.

Learn more about Stoudemire’s work at Vote4Amare.com.