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Who knew Rajon Rondo had hops like this? I did, and I’m sure Celtics fans knew as well, but did the rest of the general public who didn’t watch Rondo’s dunk as a freshman at Kentucky? One thing’s for sure: if they didn’t before, fans, and now the Orlando Magic, know Rondo has mad hops and isn’t afraid to put it down when the opportunity arises. As for the game, the Celtics point guard led his energized team with a gaudy triple double (15, 11, 18 assists) as Boston evened the series at one-game a piece.

Boston was led by the inferno-inspired Eddie House and his huge 31-point outing (11-14 from the field, 4-4 from behind the arc). House was so hot, Magic players resorted to slapping him in the head in an effort to cool him down. It’s either that, or Rafer Alston was mad at House for “busting somebody’s ass.”

Game 3, in Orlando, is on Friday night. It would be surprising if Alston is allowed to play after his ill-advised slap.