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We all know what today is. We all know how important today is; but just in case you forgot, adidas would like to remind you before it’s too late. What the Nike competitor has done is release a special edition election day shoe for Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett, complete with a message embracing change on the sides.

This is the third pair of special edition shoes adidas has made for their basketball focal point, Kevin Garnett. Unlike the other pairs; however, these won’t be made available to the public.

It’s been said many times in the last 24 hours but it bears repeating: regardless who you are voting for — you can write me in if you’d like — get out there and do it. If it takes adidas or Monday Night Football interviews to inspire you, so be it. Just make sure you do.

McGrady’s version of adidas’ election shoes:


Now go. Get thee to a voting booth.