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Paul Pierce

It’s come to my attention, courtesy of TBL, that some folks think Paul Pierce’s knee injury was some kind of dodge or hustle to either ignite the crowd or to fool the Lakers into thinking — well, I’m not really sure. Perhaps the implication is being made that if the Lakers saw an injured Pierce, maybe they’d think the series was in-hand, only to see those hopes squashed when he came back to the game.

To say that idea is a little bit of a reach is an understatement; however, before I get into that, take a look at the video of the incident, courtesy of Odenzied (who else?).

Now, while he did look like he was honestly hurt, Pierce did return about a minute or two of game clock later and proceeded to finish off the third quarter by scoring eight points, including two huge 3-point bombs. But, according to Around the Horn’s Bill Plaschke, we and the Lakers were duped by some WWE-style trickeration.

OK, let’s think about that implication for second.

In order for this to occur, it would have to be premeditated to a degree. This means Pierce made a conscience decision to fake his injury at just the right time in order to get the crowd going.

How would something like this happen? Does Doc Rivers tell one of his best players to keep his eye on the pulse of the crowd and if it falls below a certain energy level, wait for Kendrick Perkins to accidentally make contact with your leg, fall down in agony, get dragged back to the locker room and make a triumphant, crowd-pleasing return a few minutes later. But wait, there’s more — after you return, hit two 3-point bombs to give your team the momentum when the fourth quarter starts.

Yeah, that seems plausible… likely even.

I mean, was Pierce’s reaction a little overboard? Considering he didn’t look hurt when he came back, maybe. But to say this is some big conspiracy by the Celtics and Pierce to get the crowd into it is downright silly. Apparently, the 911 Truth Movement isn’t the only group in need of a tinfoil hat.