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Steve Nash

Perhaps I’m off, but for some reason, while I was watching a one-eyed Steve Nash finish off the sweep of the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter of last night’s deciding game, I was reminded of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, specifically, when he was going through reconditioning, courtesy of the Ludovico technique. Granted, I don’t think Nash was forced to view violent images while he was being stitched up, but whatever the case, his 10-point/five-assist fourth quarter is the reason Phoenix is going to the Western Conference Finals.

While it’s true Amar’e Stoudemire deserves a great deal of credit — he too had a huge fourth quarter (12 points) — but the majority of his scoring opportunities came courtesy of Nash setting him up. True, he still had to make shots, but the question is, without Nash’s wonderful one-eyed point guard play, would he even have the opportunity for a big scoring quarter?

Don’t ever let it be said Steve Nash doesn’t sacrifice himself for the game. Every time he plays the Spurs, after the series is over, it looks like Nash has been in the ring with a young Mike Tyson AND a young Sonny Liston. At the same time. Whether it’s the nose, the body or now, the eye, when Nash goes against the Spurs, something is getting damaged.

Of course, the fact that the Suns advanced to the Conference Finals is all the salve Nash needs.