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After allowing Philadelphia to go on a 19-0 run to complete their comeback, the Boston Celtics found themselves in an unfamiliar position, at least for this season: losing, at home, to an Eastern Conference foe. Leading the way for the Sixers was Andre Iguodala, who finished with 28 points; 10 of which were scored during the game-deciding run.

The win moved Philly’s past .500 mark, a designation they haven’t felt this late in an NBA season since Mr. Practice left for Denver. The question about the Sixers is are they good enough to actually make some kind of run in the playoffs. If the season ended today, Philadelphia would be matched up with the Orlando Magic, a team they’ve lost three-of-four to. However, if you take a closer look, you find the Sixers actually score against the Magic (100 point average), meaning the would-be series would be competitive and entertaining.

So, just how good are the Sixers? Do they have the love of the Philly faithful? According to The700Level, they certainly do:

It looks like the Sixers will in fact be a playoff team and with the way they’re playing, they could really give a high seed a head ache. The Sixers now have one more win than their entire 2006-2007 campaign.

Loyal reader, Goot, says Andre Iguodala played with confidence and added some of his authority slams that we’ve come to love him for.

The Sixers! They’re good, people.

I have to agree. Thank goodness for the Philly fans David Stern hasn’t embraced reseeding yet.

Other NBA scores of note:

Detroit – 110, Phoenix – 105 (Overtime)
Even though they lost, it looks like the Suns have found a comfort level with Shaquille. In victory, the Pistons snapped Phoenix’s 7-game win streak.

Houston – 108, Sacramento – 100
Rick Adelman gets win number 800, while his current team got win 48. The Rockets are currently in third in the West.

LA Lakers – 123, Golden State – 119 (Overtime)
Payback was indeed sweet for Lakers after returning the favor to the Warriors by beating them on their homecourt, something Golden State did to the Lakers this past Sunday.

Aside: where did Lamar Odom and his Dennis Rodman-like rebounding efforts come from? In both games against the Warriors, Odom had a combined 43 rebounds — 22 in the first game and 21 last night. For the season, he’s averaging 10.5 rebounds a game so it’s not like these back-to-back games should be a surprise, but for some reason, they are.