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Zack Greinke

Mired in a six-game losing streak, the Kansas City Royals are once again calling on the “best pitcher in baseball” to pull their collective bacon out of the fire. The problem is, the Royals, while having a decent pitching staff, are rather inept on the offensive end — 21st out of 30, and because of that, losing streaks are bound to happen. That also explains why Zack Greinke is needed as a streak-stopper. Right now, Greinke is simply lights out. He has a 6-1 record, an 0.51 ERA — just ridiculous — and is absolutely destroying batters with an awesome array of pitches to choose from.

However, Greinke is being looked upon to provide even more: Restore the baseball identity for a city with a respectable history in the sport.

Zack Greinke is pitching, which means an unofficial holiday of sorts in Kansas City. Hot dogs will sell for a dollar. Fireworks will explode. The Royals are still — even without a win in a week — percentage points behind first-place Detroit.

The Chiefs are bad, kids are about to be out of school, and the Royals are contending. Greinke can bring the smiles back tonight, helping baseball slowly regain its place in our city’s sports conscience.

Welcome to the world of expectations, Zack. It’s obvious the City of Kansas (and Missouri) is looking to you to the light the way back to MLB respectability. Hopefully, that’s a burden you can handle.

Greinke’s next appearance as franchise savior begins tonight at 8:10 CST.