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Zack Greinke

Last week, I did a post discussing Zack Greinke’s appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and how that designation could jinx what is looking like a promising season for the Kansas City Royals. The thought was either Greinke or the Royals as a team would experience some kind of fall off now that the sporting world knows about them. Fortunately for the Royals, Zack Greinke — who is living up to that “best pitcher in baseball” hype — is laughing at such a suggestion.

After giving up one run in the start following his cover appearance, Greinke is back on his “You can’t score against me” pace after absolutely shutting the Chicago White Sox down last night by the score of 3-0. The Royals ace (no offense, Gil) was once again masterful, improving to 6-0 on the season. For his sixth win, Greinke threw a complete game, scattering six hits and striking out 10 batters. He also lowered his ERA to an eye-popping 0.40 per game.

Did I mention something about Greinke living up to the hype.

For what it’s worth, Greinke, even though he’s been fantastic thus far, does not consider himself to be the best pitcher in baseball. He reserves that honor for Johan Santana and Roy Halladay.

In other news, the Royals sit atop the AL Central with a 15-11 record, and as long as their pitching staff continues its stellar work — second in MLB in overall — the Royals should be in a position to maintain the challenge for their division. If Greinke is still performing like this after the All-Star break, I’d keep an eye out for a “Zack Greinke for Cy Young” promotion from the Kansas City media.