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David Price

As we head to Philadelphia for the middle game, the series is tied 1-1 after the Rays pulled even with a 4-2 win last night. Once again, it was Philly’s anemic hitting with people on base. They left 26 on base last night and as a team, they are 1-28 with runners in scoring position. That’s not the recipe for World Series success.

As a team in the first two games, the Phillies have left 50 — FIFTY — runners on base compared to Tampa’s 16, and these hitting woes are starting to bother players and coaches alike.

Everyone’s favorite MVP candidate Ryan Howard is a perfect microcosm of the struggling Phils. Joe Buck and McCarver were discussing Howard’s woes in his first at bat, and so he hits a deep double to center field. The problem is, no one was on base for him to knock in. In the ninth inning, Howard came to plate again with runners on and a position to tie the game or take the lead with a home run and what was the result:

Howard grounded out to first. Apparently, he’ll only get hits when his teammates aren’t on base.

As for the Rays, it was all James Shields, all the time — well, at least for 5and two-thirds anyway. After that, Dan Wheeler and David Price finished the job and bringing the Rays back to level ground. There weren’t any real fireworks last night from the Rays, and some are saying the Series has been, well, boring.

Regardless if the Rays score with skyscraping home runs or bunt their way to World Title, I don’t think Joe Maddon is going to care about style points. Winning seems to be his only concern and if it takes three more games of safety and suicide squeezes to win the World Series trophy, the Rays will do it with smiles on their faces, style points be damned.

Game 3 is Saturday night in Philly. It should be a rowdy atmosphere.