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Yankees Fans Are Awesome

So while the cool guys who interfered with Robinson Canoe’s home run have some newfound Internet fame going for them, if you consider being made fun of unmercifully “fame,” my question is, what kind of disposition does an umpire have to have to not review that play? While it wound up not being a factor to the game’s outcome, the fact the review was denied is pretty damn absurd, and, well, arrogant.

The technology exists for a reason. Is it not better to be sure — especially in a game of such magnitude — as opposed to acting like you’re right and Ron Washington is only wasting your time?

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Officials gaffing in big games is par for the course in professional baseball. Hell, the bigger the game, the more likely you’ll see an umpire completely screw something important up. Just ask Google.

H/t to 30fps for the image.