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In case that rock you’ve been living under only gets March Madness news, Major League Baseball officially returned yesterday, and I don’t think it went by unnoticed. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Some minor thoughts of a baseball fledgling:

Will Johan Santana have trouble adjusting to the National League? Not so much.

His name is FUK-U-DOME!!! And the Cubs love him.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Kansas City Royals = Amazing?

There was a bunch more that is worth commenting on but I’ll stop before this turns into an all-out link dump… I think those are good for now.

One more thing:

Jose Canseco still needs to shut his mouth. I know I’ve traveled this road before — but — If anyone is getting anything other than, “Look at me, I am an attention whore” from him, they are being duped. Of course, you might just believe Canseco has some hidden ammunition.


The ONLY reason he seems to be attacking A-Rod is because he’s the most popular player in baseball and if Jose can ride in Rodriguez’s wake vicariously or through accusations he’s unwilling or unable to substantiate, then he’s popular as well.

Oh look. Just in time to pitch his new book.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be popular when they are hawking stuff? Quit feeding the dragon and enjoy the baseball season. I’m talking to you, ESPN.