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Fan video from the game

163 games and 9 innings weren’t enough to decide which team would win the AL Central and advance to the MLB Playoffs, where a date with the New York Yankees await. No, the Twins and the Tigers still needed extra innings to determine their fate, and after the baseline chalk cleared, the Minnesota Twins defeated the Detroit Tigers 6-5. Your hero? Carlos Gomez, who scored the winning run; although, some could argue home plate umpire Randy Marsh deserves a mention here too.

Just ask Brandon Inge.

Alas, missed hit batsmen aside, the Twins are moving on, and their award is the aforementioned Yankees. The series starts today, as a matter of fact, in about seven hours. The Twins will undoubtedly be drained after last night’s heroics, but the if they can ride the emotional high, you never know, they just might steal Game 1. Talk about a cherry on top of a delicious sundae for Twins fans. Speaking of, I hope you guys are alive enough to enjoy the start of the Yankees/Twins series.

Hopefully, the Twins nation didn’t drink themselves into oblivion after Gomez scored the winning run.