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Matt Holliday

They say a picture says 1000 words, and this picture taken the split-second after Matt Holliday committed the error heard round the baseball world says more than I ever could. You could say it cost the St Louis Cardinals the game, although, at some point, doesn’t the Cardinals bullpen deserve some scorn too? It’s not like the winning runs were scored on that play. Yes, the error would’ve been out number three, and yes it gave the Dodgers another chance, but if the Cardinals bullpen would’ve been better… In fact, here’s the play-by-play following Holliday’s error:

Blake walked on a full count. Belliard singled to center, Pierre scored, Blake to second. On Molina’s passed ball, Blake to third, Belliard to second. Martin walked on four pitches. Loretta pinch-hitting for Sherrill. Loretta singled to center, Blake scored, Belliard to third, Martin to second.

As you can see, the Cardinals faced four more Dodgers’ batters before the winning run was scored. Is it Holliday’s fault his pitcher couldn’t pick his error up? Or is everyone so fixated on a dropped third out, the stuff that followed — that is, the winning runs — is insignificant? Before we put the dunce cap completely on Holliday’s dome, consider the fact his pitching staff wasn’t much help after the error was committed.

A passed ball, coupled with a four-pitch walk is every bit the culprit Holliday’s beefed catch is.