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Even eventual winner Justin Morneau knew he was witnessing something special. So much so, he even admitted he was “kind of cheering” for Hamilton following his first round explosion of 28 home run bombs. Because the Home Run Derby doesn’t accumulate these bombs after the second round, both Morneau and Hamilton started the final round with a clean slate where Morneau out homered Hamilton, five to three, to win the event.

But, even Morneau knows he couldn’t overshadow Hamilton’s first round magic. Hamilton’s round of 28 was so enthralling, the attendees at Yankees Stadium adopted him as their own. This is a great way to let management know who you’d like to root for when the player becomes a free agent, something the Yankees are great at doing — free agent signings, that is.

Although this probably won’t make it through the day, on205th did find a video of Hamilton’s first round performance:

At one point, Hamilton hit 13 bombs in a row and the massively approving crowd wasn’t shy about sharing their feelings, chanting his last name in that ever-so familiar clap-during-the-syllables cheer. Hamilton’s first round performance broke the previous single-round record of 24 held by Bobby Abreu.

One last thing, does the presence of Edinson Volquez reduce the sting of trading Hamilton for Cincinnati Reds fans? It should, but it’s probably tough to see a former Red up there blasting all those shots last night.