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Obama’s on the Phillies bandwagon, so make room. The Presidential hopeful announced his fanhood’s candidacy for Philadelphia last Saturday, while maintaining his White Sox fan standing. Obama’s move is similar to Sarah Palin’s puck-dropping ceremony as the candidates try to attract voters using Philadelphia sports.

Swing state fever! Catch it!

Would White Sox fans be justified if they kicked him out of the clubhouse or is this a justifiable tactic?

All Matt Stairs, All the Time

Matt Stairs

The Matt Stairs legend just grew to monumental proportions, thanks to a quote he gave after the game ended last night.

When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you’re getting your ass hammered by guys — there’s no better feeling than to have that done.

The Fightins have the video for all to enjoy.

Welcome to immortality, Matt. All you need to do is to provide priceless quips like these every once and a while. That will keep the serfs happy. Oh yeah, a two-run blast to give your team a 3-1 lead over the Dodgers doesn’t hurt your cause either.