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A day sent from heaven. Here goes. Currrently, I’m watching the FoxNews video stream of Mitchell’s press conference. Time for some reactions:

- Mitchell indicates HGH is prominent and that the investigation will reveal more names.

Update 1: Mitchell says 5-7% of the players tested positive and BALCO is not the only lab contributing to drug use in MLB.

2: Hundreds of thousands of America’s youth uses PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), according to findings.

3: The full Mitchell Report is here (PDF format). All current players declined the opportunity to meet with Senator Mitchell… that doesn’t look guilty at all.

4: Mitchell is putting all of this on Kirk Radomski… Apparently, he doesn’t like snitches either. Seems like he’s trying to shift the onus to the one who narced everyone out.

5: If testing “only scratches the surface,” how is any athletic body going to be able to completely fight the use of PEDs? Apparently, using scapegoats like Radomski is the only way.

6: Mitchell is now taking the Players Association to task for not accepting mandatory drug testing… Of course, the MLB PA put it right back on the owners, saying they weren’t pushing hard enough for it. Looks like both sides were sandbagging.

7. In other news, Mitchell doesn’t think any of the players in the report should be punished unless their grievances are “severe.”

8. 2005? It took until 2005 for 1st time offenders to get penalized? Wow.

9. Mitchell indicated over half of the players named in the report are no longer in MLB. He also thinks players named in the report should be given a fresh start… almost like, OK, the slate’s clean fellas. We are starting from zero.

10. Some of Mitchell’s conclusions: Steroid use was widespread in MLB. Well, duh. Both the PA and the owners didn’t do enough to curb the widespread use (welcome to the 21st century, guys). At this point, HGH is probably a bigger threat than steroids because of the inability to detect it.

11. Mitchell’s done for now. Professor McClaren’s up next.

12. Designer steroids, brought to you by Gucci…

13. Mitchell’s back and taking questions. This will drag out forever… time to review the PDF. BRB.

OK, that’s a good stopping point, however, now that I say that, someone just asked if Roger Clemens should be kept out of the Hall of Fame. Mitchell basically said it wasn’t his place to make these types of recommendations, something I agree with. However, I will offer this, if Clemens was an extensive user, then no, he does not belong in the HOF.

I’ll be back with the reports list of names shortly.