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The master motivator is about to take the podium and respond to the great news released by George Mitchell’s report a couple of hours ago. Like last time, I’ll post some of my responses to some of the things Selig says. Good times.

BTW, my times are CST.

3:32 – Selig takes the podium. He looks beaten. He’s giving a short statement followed by Q&A.

3:34 - He starts by thanking Senator Mitchell. For some reason, I think he feels the exact opposite. I don’t think he wants to deal with something of this magnitude. Now he’s talking about improving drug testing. Yeah, that was an obvious goal for oh so long.

3:36 – Selig “embraces” Mitchell’s recommendations and the ones he can enact without the MLBPA’s approval will be enacted.

3:37 – Punishment will be done on a case-by-case basis.

3:40 – HGH time now. MLB and NFL are funding studies to detect HGH via urine tests. Now I’m not a scientist, but I’ve heard that a blood test is one of the only ways to detect HGH usage. Why are they focused on reinventing the wheel?

3:41 – That was a short response. Selig basically said he agrees with Mitchell’s suggestions, except where the discipline question comes in. Mitchell said MLB shouldn’t punish those in the report but Selig indicates they are going to investigate each and every player in the report and act accordingly.

3:47 – Essentially, it comes down to this: Despite Mitchell’s request, if you were on the list, he is coming after you, either with an investigation or some kind of punishment. I’m wondering if this is going to extend to HOF nominations.

3:50 – Finally, a Bonds question. NO COMMENT!!!11!! The Feds can deal with him now. Heh-heh.

Before and After

3:56 – Bud’s strongly pushing the “Move Forward” initiative and that’s probably for the best. While us bloggers beat this subject into the ground, the general public has probably already forgotten who is on the list, unless it’s Bonds or someone from their home team.