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And we’re back with more Congressional goodness. So what did we learn from the initial session? Well, the some of the committee doesn’t believe McNamee as far as they can throw him and Roger Clemens (nor his lawyer who is not allowed to speak but does so anyway) is very ambiguous about why they interviewed his old nanny before Congress did.

Whatever the result of the meeting, she still testified Clemens was present at Canseco’s field house. The question is, how does this relate to the Clemens/Pettitte/Knoblauch troika and what McNamee allegedly gave these three (an point supported by Pettitte and Knoblauch)?

12:35 – The Committee indicates McNamee may have corroborated his claims because the information he gave on the recorded phone call is similar to the testimony he gave to investigators. In fact, McNamee said he told more truth to the Clemens investigators than he did the Federal Government.

Of course, Clemens goes back to his denial.

12:45 – Well, that was a waste of time… Thank you Rep.Duncan.

12:48 – Rep. Bruce Braley brings the kids back into it again. Remember to remember the children when you do HGH.

12:50 – However, Rep. Braley does ask why Clemens injected vitamins, claiming elderly and people diagnosed with a deficiency are normally the ones who inject vitamins. Roger’s response? His mom told him to. Apparently, if you tell Clemens something is good for him, he’ll believe you… at least according to his testimony.

Asked: Why would you trust your body to a person who isn’t trained in certain disciplines? Clemens indicated he trusted McNamee’s doctorate.

12:54 – Under Armor All?

1:00 – The taped phone call is being scrutinized. The committee wants to know why he didn’t tell Clemens he was being truthful. Again, McNamee goes back to “it is what it is.” McNamee also indicates if he would’ve known Clemens was going to televise the recording, he would’ve been more forceful instead of relying on such a benign statement.

1:05 – While the committee is bound and determined to discredit McNamee, they seem to be missing the point about Knoblauch and Pettitte seemingly confirming McNamee’s assertions.

1:10 – Rep. Virginia Foxx brings up if Clemens didn’t like HGH, why did he let his wife use it. Clemens then breaks into his wife’s prepared statement saying she wasn’t aware it was illegal. McNamee evidently told her it was legal and safe and Clemens had no part in approving his wife’s use.

He’s asking us to believe his wife did HGH but he didn’t.. and that McNamee misled her.

1:20 – Representative Christopher Murphy wants to know why the Mitchell Report investigators didn’t pursue Clemens harder in respect to getting him to come in and answer the accusations in the report. They said they were clear. Clemens indicates the notice to come in and discuss the charges was ambiguous…

1:23 – Rep. Cummings – aka the Clemens killer – is back up and states he admits Pettitte (who corroborates McNamee) is the one he believes the most.

1:25 – Maybe it’s time for some “mis-remembers” statements.

1:27 – Rep. Cummings again states he’s looking for an independent source to determine who he thinks is lying, McNamee or Clemens. He believes Pettitte provides that independence.

1:29 – Rep. Cummings ends with: “You’re one of my heroes but it’s hard to believe you.” Obviously, Pettitte is the deal-breaker for him.

1:36 – Whoa, Clemens just said McNamee deceived him and he was backed by Rep. Shays who went out of his way to discredit McNamee – with no equal time for Clemens.

OK, Roger, are you now saying you didn’t know what he injected you with? Apparently, the, “I didn’t know” defense is coming into play.

In further news, University of Kentucky, represent (just not against Vanderbilt).

1:40 – McNamee just said he wants good to come out of this… and guess who that was aimed at? That’s right. The kids. REMEMBER THE CHILDREN. Just like Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl mishap.

And we’re done. I’ll be back shortly with a wrap-up post that will try to bring some order to all this chaos.

Bottom line to the Chairman Waxman: Pettitte and Knoblauch confirmed what McNamee testified, to which Clemens took objection to… and he just got owned by Rep Waxman: “It is not your time to argue with me.” Nicely done.