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I’m sure most of you saw the above “interview” Jose Canseco gave to ABC’s Martin Beshear, an interview where Canseco answered absolutely nothing and gave the impression he popped up — again — just for publicity. He has no evidence to present against Alex Rodriguez and when he’s asked about why he doesn’t come forward with something besides hot air, he gives a bogus reply, saying “the timing isn’t right.”

He goes on to say (threaten), “let’s see if they all call me a liar again,” which seems to mean if A-Rod takes Canseco to task, Canseco will unearth his smoking gun. Whatever. Jose, you come across as nothing but an attention whore. Be proud.

The interview then turned its attention towards Roger Clemens, a person Canseco doesn’t think used steroids. He goes as far to say he believed Clemens’ Congressional hearing testimony, even though there was actual, you know, evidence to suggest the contrary… unlike anything Jose has offered. Ever. He just appears on our radar every so often (when not appearing on the Surreal Life) with some allegations about this player and that player.

However, has anyone pointed out that Canseco is an awful lot of talk and very little substance? His only weapons are his words and when he’s asked about evidence, he either, A. says the timing is bad or B. has none (I’m sorry, did I miss all those syringes he saved from his Mark McGwire torpedoing?)

I mean, at least Brian McNamee produced SOMETHING when he the burden of proof was addressed. Maybe it was just the contents of his trashcan, but it’s better than anything Canseco’s offered… unless, of course, you like hot air.